Red DSMC Landscape Dovetails


The Red DSMC Landscape Dovetails are part of an Arca-Swiss-type quick-release system for Red DSMC and Red DSMC2 cameras (Weapon, Epic , Scarlet-W, Scarlet, and Raven).

Red's DSMC cameras are unusual in the cine market for their ability to function in extremely compact configurations ideal for small-crew/no-crew cinematography and even for still photography. In those configurations, large heads using broad "Arri-standard" dovetails are less desirable than much more compact ball, pan/tilt, geared, gimbal, fluid, and other heads which use Arca-Swiss-type dovetails.

The Red DSMC Landscape Dovetails feature landscape-orientation dovetails aligned with the camera's optical axis and a removeable 15LW rod bridge at industry-standard height.This is the base on which the Red DSMC Portrait Dovetails and mount. It is included with the Red DSMC L-Plate Package and Red DSMC Mini Accessory Plate® Package

Unlike most Arca-Swiss-type quick-release plates, the DSMC L-Plate can rest on a flat surface because its safety stop pins are retractable (spring-loaded).

The plate's "capturing" threads are recessed from the mating surface to minimize cross-threading.

Note: rods are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included

Note: compatible with either v1 and v2 front fans

Note: officially confirmed by Red not to interfere with the camera's warranty

The Red DSMC Landscape Dovetails is machined from 6061-T6 "aircraft" aluminum for strength and anodized for durability.
USA Designed and Built